One Whistle COPTER in blister pack with pre folded wings and EXC

Are you ready to have fun with our ultimate WHISTLE COPTER ? Fun for the entire family.Great for the parties, parks, festivals, beaches.Each WHISTLE COPTER is in a single package with OUR EXCLUSIVE VIPER LAUNCHER AND PRE FOLDED WINGS. Also only Whistle Copter has different wings in each blister pack to get a new experience with each new WhistleCopter. Our exclusive Viper Launcher comes with a 7 inch RED rubber band made of the highest quality rubber. The WHISTLE COPTER IS very easy to launch. Don’t forget to buy extra battery packs for the unbelievable price each battery pack!! check our Professional Wing Folding Video !! On our home page to attain highest flights.Buy them for your own use or call if you would like to become a vendor!! Vendor wholesale prices are not posted on our site.Website

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