Fill the air with hundreds of small bubbles with the best performing bubble gun on the market !!! This is our latest EVEN FLOW LAZER BUBBLE BLASTER bubble gun with HIGH PERFORMANCE BATTERIES!! This Bubble gun is medium size ( 7 inch) not the smallest size that most of the vendors are showing that are 6 inch!! EVEN FLOW MEANS THAT OUR BUBBLE GUN WILL NOT STOP BLOWING BUBBLES WHILE YOUR FINGER IS DEPRESSED ON THE TRIGGER!! ( AS 99% OF THE BUBBLE GUNS DO). You will only need to depress the trigger maybe 4 times to empty the whole bubble solution not 30 or more times as most other bubble guns require. The Batteries in this bubble gun are also HIGH PERFORMANCE so they will last twice as long as most of the other batteries do that are being sold in bubble guns ! Most wear out in the first half hour. THERE IS NO BETTER PERFORMING BUBBLE GUN ON THE MARKET THAN OUR EVEN FLOW LAZER BUBBLE BLASTER BUBBLE GUN WITH HIGH PERFORMANCE BATTERIES!!! This bubble gun also has 4 differently colored led lights. One is in the mouth of the bubble gun so the bubbles come out blue. This is the blue translucent LAZER BUBBLE BLASTER bubble gun! Your blister Pack will also contain two bottles of bubbles for each gun. We show the two bottles in the blister pack to you. Most vendors do not because their blister pack only has one bottle of bubble solution. Our bubble gun is Lightweight and brightly colored and has a translucent body. Screw one of the included bottles of bubble solution onto the gun, and pull the trigger for hundreds of bubbles · For ages 3 and up. This encourages active play and develops hand-eye coordination. Do not settle for less than EVEN FLOW WITH HIGH PERFORMANCE BATTERIES!Website

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